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Breathwork + Sound

February 23 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

B+F Guided Breathwork Healing w/ Soft World Rising Sound Bath Healing

Breathwork is a profound active meditation. A three part breath that encourages stuck energy to move, deeply detoxing your mental, physical + emotional bodies. Every session is an occasion for transformation; to somatically get the “gunk” out and emotional default settings, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. It is a chance to actually let go; an opportunity to release strong emotions and connect to your own unique life force energy and intuition as well as open your heart to more creativity, gratitude and self love. It leaves you feeling softer and less burdened. It supports you to come into contact with your authentic self and shed what doesn’t serve that. When we come together in a group with the intention to heal we amplify our own healing as well as healing for the collective.

Kady Monroe offers “sound baths” in which subjects are bathed with healing, meditative sounds. Although each of them are unique, a typical soundscape by Kady is comprised of the sounds of chimes, bells, handmade Tibetan metal singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and etheric vocalizations. A reverence for simplicity, harmony, dissonance, texture, improvisation, and silence are evident.

Barney + Flo(w) is a space for (w)holistic creative living with a focus on letting go, making space and aligning with the life you desire.
Amanda Barnett of B+F has been studying wellness for the greater part of her life. She has a BS in Psychology & studied secular based Mindfulness meditation and Loving Kindness practice with Insight LA. She received her yoga certification through SOLA School of the Contemplative Arts with an emphasis on somatics and anatomy. She is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, studied Human Design + Breathwork Healing with Erin Telford and David Elliott.

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February 23
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm