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Ecological Anatomy Series (May 2019- The Spleen)

April 4 @ 5:30 pm - May 2 @ 7:00 pm



In partnership with The Drishti Yoga, Bex and Cybele of The Local Healer are excited to take you on a mini journey through the anatomy and physiology of your body and how it relates to the physiology of the planet. Ancient Chinese physicians saw the human being as an integral part of the Earth-system and it’s seasonal cycles. They used the philosophy of Yin and Yang duality to explain the fluctuations occurring throughout the year, as spring turned to summer, then to fall and finally to winter. They broke this cycle up into five sections and used these to relate the body (microcosm) to the planet (macrocosm.) Our bodies are living ecosystems inside of the greatest ecosystem in the Universe. Bex and Cybele have chosen a Chinese organ system for each month and will take you through the workings of that system, how we can see it represented in the Earth, the flavors and foods that support it and finally, allow you to experience a general group acupuncture treatment that supports it.


Each session meets four times per month, with a different focus each week. When there’s a 5th Thursday of the month, we will have a regularly priced yoga class taught by a Drishti teacher, focused on the organ of that month.


Investment: $60 per month
25% off for Drishti members
Limited to 15 students per month/session, so sign up ahead of time!


Each month will focus on a different Chinese Medicine organ system. Students need to bring a notebook and writing utensils and expect to spend some time on the floor during a lecture-style portion of the class. Classes will be 75-minutes long and four weeks will be spent on each organ system.


May- The Spleen (Yin Earth)
June- The Hearth (Yin Fire)
July- The Small Intestine (Yang Fire)
August- The Bladder (Yang Water)
September- The Kidney (Yin Water)
October- The Pericardium (Yin Fire)
November- The Triple Burner (Yang Fire)
December- The Gallbladder (Yang Wood)
January 2020- The Liver (Yin Wood)
February – The Lung (Yin Metal)
March- The Large Intestine (Yang Metal)


See thelocalhealer.com for more details
(or talk to Crystal, Bex, or Cybele in person)


April 4 @ 5:30 pm
May 2 @ 7:00 pm